Ten Points

We hope that the contents of this website has been useful and provided you with meaningful information. We also would hope that it has opened your thought process to what is truly important and what matters to you. There are tens of thousands of financial advisors and firms. What it comes down to is do they share the same values and life qualities you seek?


In philosophy, there exist a concept known as the “Theory of Everything” or ToE an ultimate, all-encompassing explanation or description of nature or reality. The goal is related and devoted to the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence.


We will not attempt to delve into that discussion. However, you should be mindful that when you seek to employ a financial advisor hopefully they will be able to articulate or elaborate on the some of the points below. It is your everything! Much success to you and yours.

10 good reasons that makes us stand out:
1. Experience – Over 25 years
2. Investment Philosophy – Structured and designed for you
3. Ethics – We believe in character and being responsible for our actions
4. Type of services – We provide an extensive financial services platform
5. Investment advice – What most clients are really looking for
6. Planning advice – Financial, Retirement, College, Business and Estate preservation
7. Investment recommendations – Extensive list to help you meet your needs
8. Insurance recommendations – Annuities, Life, Disability, Health
9. Insurance advice – Best in class providers
10. Money management – We are managers of wealth and money 

Our only agenda is to accomplish the task that needs to be done ! With good choices and the most cost effective manner.

"A commitment to people first..."