Comprehensive financial, health and life planning

We provide a tailored strategy that is comprehensive to your financial, health & life planning needs.

Our service is client-centric; it evolves around your values, your goals, and lifestyle.   

You are unique. Your expectations and requirements are specific only to you.

Imagine what your tomorrow will be like.

We are passionate about "Freedom of Choice," it is about "Getting Good Value," it is about "Being Responsible and Upfront!". 

With more than 30 years of financial service experience, we understand that markets have risks. We are mindful that fees and taxes affect returns.

Each client has a risk tolerance. Our approach is quantitative and built on an academic framework. We model strategies based on your expectations.

We will partner with you to tailor and design a comprehensive strategy that compliments your goals, lifestyle, objectives, and values.

The only way we can be a good steward of your wealth to help you reach your goals is by learning your priorities, family circumstances, and ultimate financial objectives. Our consultative approach is unique. We build relationships that become lifelong partnerships.

You'll experience the Independence Wealth Management Process in stages.





We value relationships - we are unwavering to your long-term success. Contact us so we can be your partner and help get you on the right path to a successful life plan.

A G M Investment Group strives to help you identify your values, goals, and desired lifestyle. It starts with "A comprehensive financial, health and life plan."

We can help you plan to succeed, or you can fail to plan.

 "A commitment to people first"  

This website is full of free information. It is a tool to educate, inform, and provide additional knowledge. The more informed you are, the more intelligent of a decision, the better your odds for a successful financial future.